Windows and the soul

If you have writer’s block…[not writer’s bloke] you might need a change of scene are you may just need to open your windows and breathe deeply.Fresh air… we have windows to look out, of course, but also to allow air to flow in and out.In ancient times there were small windows with no glass.After we had glass we could have bigger windows to let in more light and so we could watch people pass by.

As a metaphor windows have many meanings.And sayings too like

The eyes are the windows of the soul.

There is definitely a link between eyes and windows as symbols.We would not say

The ears are the windows of the soul

nor even

The ears are the doors of the soul.

Of course, soul has many meanings and some neuro-scientists and others don’t believe we even have a soul.But folk wisdom tells us more than science.You cannot prove most things by logic nor by scientific methodology.Neither can you disprove them.But your own life can reveal such things as the sacred and the soul’s longing for God.

The only problem is cleaning windows.Window cleaners here clean the outside and I confess I rarely clean inside!


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