Escalate  your glances peeved and sour

Is this a democracy which careless kills
By war or by ignoring its own poor
The undervalued, refugees, the ill?

I know it’s easy  just to ask for pills
Or of the mind unconscious make a tour
Is this a democracy which careless kills?

Get  the Prozac, get more  truly chilled
Escalate  your glances peeved and sour
Upon the undervalued and the ill

Virtue comes  to those who’re of good will
Yet evil is a swamp much easier
And from there cutting corners leads to kill

If God exists then she no longer tells
Satan is more innocent than we are
Go tell the undervalued and the ill

Wealth  and gold has had a great allure
Embedded in our screens it’s easier
Is it  democratic  to  build such towers
For the poor  who have no strength no power?


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I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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