Immer krankier than thou

John Major’s éffect on TM by Martin Bell.Guardian UK

Cor blimey.Are tower blocks a sign of lack of confidence in highly trained men about all their erections? A form of uncertainty masquerading as boastfulness.Recall Donald Trump/s hands [not for  very long]
Why is our skyline tormented by these gherkins, pickles, onions and garden gnomes?
Where are the Cathedrals of yesteryear? It is a sign of our lack of confidence in Eros and the Sacred.
We need a new paradigm which may be a revolution
.A cathedral has both male and female aspects.Does the Gherkin?
A gherkin is not real food.Like HP sauce it is an addition men demand for slapping onto their well-cooked meals.Do you think the French use HP sauce on their croissants?On their steak au Poivre?
Je m’appelle Catherine.Je desire l’ineffable  toujours tristesse.Or in Britain,mistress.
Je n’aime pas  un homme qui demands  HP GP TCP Tea TT TV. Pourquoi?
Un desire pour son amour  immediatement.Je suis un femme non-asexual BBB.
Et je ne suis pas deus ex machina.
Mein mutter ist immer Zank
I  don’t only speak Afrikaans myself but  also I  can find a translator  soon
Quelle Therese May est un  Carmelite manque.St Therese et un Hebrew.
You could have knocked me down with a father!
Carmelites use Judaic spiritual  exercises  except it’s a secret.So don’t pass it on.


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