Definition of paradigm



Definition of paradigm in English


  • 1A typical example or pattern of something; a pattern or model.

    ‘society’s paradigm of the ‘ideal woman’’
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    1. 1.1 A world view underlying the theories and methodology of a particular scientific subject.
      ‘the discovery of universal gravitation became the paradigm of successful science’
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  • 2Linguistics 
    A set of linguistic items that form mutually exclusive choices in particular syntactic roles.

    ‘English determiners form a paradigm: we can say ‘a book’ or ‘his book’ but not ‘a his book’’
    Often contrasted with syntagm
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  • 3(in the traditional grammar of Latin, Greek, and other inflected languages) a table of all the inflected forms of a particular verb, noun, or adjective, serving as a model for other words of the same conjugation or declension.

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Late 15th century: via late Latin from Greek paradeigma, from paradeiknunai ‘show side by side’, from para- ‘beside’ + deiknunai ‘to show’.


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