If I did not write

If I did not write  I could clean house
Wash the curtains, hang them on the line
Polish my small table and my mouse
Make  a chocolate cat and drink more wine

If I did not write I could go shop
Buy elegance and  amber  with old pearls
Go to  a hairdresser, buy a frock
Write a poem in a cursive swirl

If I did not write then I might read
George Herbert and  the  metaphysicals again
The Guardian Review and that would lead
To  rambling perplexed down a dale in rain

Yes, writing  gives me happiness most times
Despite the loss of metre and slant  rhymes


About Katherine

I like poetry and history, literature and music.
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4 Responses to If I did not write

  1. mikeoxon says:

    I see you’ve slipped back a little, to “most times” The heat has dropped to a more sensible level here, so I hope it will help your writing. 🙂

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  2. mikeoxon says:

    keep writing if it brings happiness divine 🙂

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