The new dictator is me


Black people living in Kensington will be painted white to make the rich white people forget black  folk exist and need homes.Poor whites will be given cardboard coats painted like mink.I know there’s  heat wave but they have to compromise.
Meanwhile in Tottenham white people can be painted black free of charge in the garage off Bruce Grove where the witch lives with the dentist.
People  who want to protest can be painted in black and white strips and given zebra to ride on.But not if they have red hair.
People with red hair have to move to Scotland or Northern Ireland.Or they could swim to the Irish Republic and ask for asylum.
[If you do this change your name to O’Smith,McJones   or O’Noah  etc before you leave]
All people who are light beige, yellow, green or light to dark brown can stay where they are.Do not put shoe polish or stage makeup on your face.It rains alot and it will ruin your clothes.Still that’s nothing to do with me,is it?
I’m only your new Dictator as foretold by Plato.Jesus wept!


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I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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