“Look on my works, ye mighty and despair.” I looked and there was nothing there.

Pride  isolates us from our human friends
The dignity is false , we’re stiff  with shame
It makes us lonesome when we cannot bend

We all come to nothing in the end
As poets wrote of kings from  long lost times
Pride  isolates us from  potential friends

Everyone  has feelings they must tend
Pluck the weeds,  be by  flowers beguiled
We are lonesome when we cannot bend

Be not ashamed when you’re at your wits end
These seas have been explored by other minds
Pride  isolates us from aspiring friends

If Darwin’s right  from  apes we all descend
And apes  do not drop bombs on their own kind
We are   tortured for we cannot mend

Poetry will change us   with its rhythmic lines
We  can dance our lost ones  from their chains
Pride  isolates us from our human friends
If  you’re lonely,come now,try again!


About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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