To  bring proportion  to our doubts

Inside my heart, this sacred place
Where freely mingle truth and grace
Where friends and enemies alike
Are viewed as equals for love’s sake

Inhabited by deeper self
In touch with all that in me dwells
I leave  my failures  gladly here
I will not live in morbid fear

I don’t insult the force divine
By pride in any good that’s mine
For willpower cannot birth virtue
But  can  attend to the eye’s  view

By trusting in   the vast unknown
We turn attention from the known.
Our eyes relax and  gaze without
To  bring proportion  to our doubts

Trust, itself. will widen gaze
And enable us to find our ways.
With terror, fear or loss of pride
Constriction comes to human eyes.

Perception is the highest good
By what we see, we choose our road.
The blind rush like the swine to hell
In patient, watchfulness  let’s  dwell.


About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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6 Responses to To  bring proportion  to our doubts

  1. Kate Thwaite says:

    I find kneading dough helps me to think!:)


  2. ANM7 says:

    I haven’t found in the blogosphere, as good a poet as thee. It’s been a while. Time as reminded me today.

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