Undo souls

The villanelle is like a  song in form
Though it is no music but its own
Its repeated lines  will make us calm

Singing is for many souls a balm
When their sorrows overwhelm the  soul
The villanelle is like a  song in form

Yet some writing  can do all wicked  harm
Mein Kampf is such and  it is not the sole
Though soft repeated lines  will make us calm

Some write lies ; they anguish,even maim
The  hearts and souls of those who are disowned
The villanelle  could be a curse in form

If we always find some other is to blame
Our hearts will freeze and splinter  our deep soul
Soft repeated lines  might make us calm

Some seek ruin like the poor seek  gold
Others are hospitable to all
The villanelle is like a  song in form
The singer makes its affect undo souls


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I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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