Snow fell on the sea at Easter time.

It was snowing on the sea at Easter time
We climbed a hill and saw meadows aswirl
North East Norfolk’s never been the same.

We, astonished at the sight, did not complain
Across the sea, red fishing boats set sail
It was snowing on the sea at Easter time

The snow went but the cold and chill remained
We clung together on the bed of nails
North East Norfolk’s never hurt the same.

Of others, strangers, who will call our name,
As up the hills of life, we try to crawl?
Snow shared its cold love at Easter time.

Other years, we knew the sun and rain,
The hawthorn blossomed in the April gales
North East Norfolk  welcomed us again

Life and love are like a vessel frail
The occupants emit their woeful wails
Snow fell on the sea at Easter time
North East Norfolk, history in flames.






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