Nokia was a maiden fair

You can’t have your iCake and eat it too.
Nokia,with tea, bread and butter
Nokia was a maiden fair who roamed with daisies in her hair
She looked through the Windows phone at me.
I had nothing on at all except a tampon.Well, it’s not exactly on, you know what I mean? It’s in there… you know.Why did we not learn the names?
I want a you-Phone.Or a superego-Phone
Sam  will sung,Sam  shall sing.Sam had singed.Sam had sang.Sam had sung.That sounds wrung.English, ain’t it splung?
Remember blind people can’t see you when you are glued to your phone…. so they will beat you.I have a white stick already… but I ain’t blind! Just blind drunk…. on air.
Hair on a G string…  that means they still have their hair down below?
Preludes and fugues.I though fugues were when you forget who you are.Like married love.Or maybe adultery but I can’t commit that now.I’ll have to get married again
Dead and never committed effrontery!
He shall feed his flock?Did they have mattresses 2,000 years ago? Is flock alive? No wonder some folk can’t sleep.
It’s funny, you can lie on the sofa and drowse all day but go to bed and worry.Am I asleep? Will I go to sleep? When? Shall I get up and watch TV? No,we haven’t got one yet!How unfair is that? Will I stop thinking?Why not? OMG I wish it was tomorrow.It is tomorrow OMG I’ve ben awake all night.I should be a cab driver and do late shifts.Except I can’t drive.


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