How to save money … distress your own jeans at home


1, This is for women- have your hair cut short in May in a decent hairdressers.You will be cooler in the summer and by November it should have grown about 3 inches.Have it trimmed but keep long so your head will feel warmer in winter

Savings: The minimum charge here is £35.A new place opened where it is £52.If you only go 2 or 3 times a year instead of 8  you will save £175.
2.Make a loaf of bread  at home.You don’t need a machine.Quality bread here  in a proper bakery is £2.50  for a large loaf.Buy dried yeast and strong flour… save  maybe £60 a year
3 Become a supporter of your newspaper online.ThGuardianan asks for £5 per month.The daily paper costs £2, more at the weekend.So potentially large savings…
4.When you go out make sure you go to the loo before coming home.For people who work from home or are retired,  it means your water bill is much higher.Go into Starbucks and use theirs! Or any other big chain.What a pity Amazon haveno coffee shops!
5 Don’t use toothpaste.It is not essential.Brush well.
6 Combine last year’s autumn clothes in different ways.Just buy a new scarf or knit one.Knitting is quite expensive nowadays though you can buy wool from places online….
7 Have only 2 meals a day.Plus fruit or carrots.
8 Reuse every bit of paper you can.
9 Write letters.The stamps are expensive but phone calls are too.
!0.Borrow/share books.


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  1. mikeoxon says:

    Judging by the photo, she applies ‘not eating’ as a money saving idea 🙂

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    • Kate Thwaite says:

      Well that is definitely one way to save.At one time of my life I did not recognise I was hungry or in fact we were not given enough to eat so got used to it.We don’t know why this happene but no doubt grief etc


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