To imitating men by caring less

16174721_851533688319844_842650217940363345_nWomen won the freedom to conform
To imitating men by caring less;
To political correctness,  dress, reformed

Everywhere the male is still the norm
And that is how we females have to dress
Women won the freedom to conform

Though secretly, we aim now to suborn
Unwilling to admit the weariness
Of political correctness,  dress, reformed

Now it’s  sexual harassment reborn
To admire women, more or less.
We all won the freedom to conform

The book of rules is burned, by gum, it’s warm
Trousers are the “holy” way to dress
For political correctness and a life reformed

No more will matrimony be well blessed
The arts of love no longer are addressed
Women won the freedom to conform
By politically correct new slogans ,arm to arm


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I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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