Every look we cast at others strikes

Before we go to bed we vegetate
No need for teacher but a compost heap.
And as we vegetate, we drift to sleep
While in our dreams our other mind debates

But mostly we’re unknowing in this dark
Where God himself may manifest at will.
His dazzling darkness makes our souls be still
And wait a strike by living, glowing spark.

But in the morning, we come back to strife
Take up our work and suffer every stroke.
From sapling to the oldest, strongest oak
Each thing must choose again its proper life

Every look we cast at others strikes
Reflects and shows us what we have become
And when there is no movement, we are done
Our mind and heart have chosen what they like.

So in our end, we vegetate again
And no more rise to labour in the day
For now, we fertilise the fields passed on our way
And show the end of woman and of man.

A daily round becomes our life and death.
We live because we’re breathed by sacredness.


About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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