Religious test Part 1


1, What was the most original sin ever committed?
2.Name some topics which might give people ideas for original sins.
3 Why did St Augustine think it was a sin for a baby to touch the mother’s vagina? If you don’t know what a vagina is,  ask the invigilator.If he doesn’t know  write Cannot answer owing to innocence and stupidity on the Exam Paper.
4.Why do Catholics think they eat  the Good Lord in the bread at Mass?
5 .Transubstantiation is
a] A town in Romania
b]Part of the Wholly Roman Empire
c] Part of Rome
d] Advanced calculus

e] A Latin newspaper
f] All of the above
g] None of the above
h] A new cookery book.
i] The missing link
7] Why is Patience a virtue?
8]Why did Christians start 2 world wars?
9] Is Freud right in his idea of the Death Instinct?
10] Is the Pope
a]A Catholic
b] A Jew
c] A cake you eat at your birthday party
d] A writer of aphorisms
e] All of the above?


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