Now the evening of the day before
The wedding and the guests  not yet estranged
Then I a dress of golden satin wore.
It was the evening

The priest he prayed and love was emphasized
Which looking at that world seems now so strange
Like hatred of the Jews who Christ provide.
They provided him

We took Communion, sang the hymns of praise
The wedding feast was already arranged
Thank God for Jesus whom he did not raise.
We took Communion

Like an absent father of the present day
God let Mary raise his child dismayed
Impregnating her then going off to play
An absent father

If God did choose  a Jew to be his bride
He must have liked her profile well displayed
Who knows that, his ways are not our ways?
His  Jewish lover

Strangely, Catholics cannot marry Jews
Though would a Jew desire a  Nazi’s heirs?
In  their lairs in souls of Europe, Nazis brood
We’re Nazis below deck

We think the Shoah  was sickening  just for Jews
But  it’s we who’re sick and need  a great repair
Europe’s down the chute, just watch the News.
Watch the News.

A  wedding day should  have both joy and care
For all of  those who have  affect to share
When all of humankind   can watch  the play
On a scream near you, they  want to say
No affect dare




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