My newsletter continued

Dear All,
I am sure you can’t wait for my next installment of news and family success.
.I am out of breath after putting away all my groceries,  brought by Ocado.At last, I have some Waitrose food.It’s 3 years since I had any.
My first son who was born when I was a student at Boxford… yes,  he is illegitimate but never mind……well he is coming to see me but not his father who is  a Professor Emeritus.”Embarrassed us” would be apterSo I have splashed out and bought some tinned soup and also liver and bacon instead of  the Whiskas cat food I eat with pasta most days..Alas, I forgot to get any puddings but I may well make a bitter chocolatw mould or a Russian Cheesecake.I suspect it is really a Jewish recipe.The Russians stole their recipes before killing many of them in the pogroms.I find that somewhat hard to accept.How can they have eaten their food when they hated them so evilly?We are not rational

My son is an MP but his name is a secret.From you, I mean.Not from the voters.He is trying his best but with all those other nitwits it’s not easy.If you watched “The House of Cards” you will get the picture.He is married and has six children.Why he is almost like a brother to me.His children are all silent but gifted.One can actually read music.I never even knew you were meant to
Normally I  listen to it but it takes all sorts!
Well, that is my first son explained only four left!
Into the kitchen now
Kristy = can’t even scalp my won mane now

PS Give a donation to the Red Cross instead of paying me.Thank you


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I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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  1. Lol. Brilliant take on these bloody things.

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  2. BtW. Nice bit of Leonard.

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