That’s enough


1.Isosceles has lost his triangle.He might beat a drum instead.
2.Meanwhile, Conic has been sectioned.The government said they were spending more on mental health so watch out or you will be locked up too.Does locking up sad. worried insecure people really help them, I wonder?
The Red Sea parted yesterday but nobody crossed it.Would the good Lord part it for a terrorist?What is a terrorist? The Governments of democracies use torture now on people who have never been charged.I don’t think we really have true democracy and as Plato said, we’re mostly pretty dumb.But having a dictator does not worl=k.Would
Dr Winnicott or the poet T S Elliot have liked to be dictators? Only of poems I imagine
3. ” Die  Amateur” is my new book linking love of leisure with Euclidean or even non-Euclidean geometry or was it suppository?I suppose not.I also. explain how to die without first getting a degree in Thanatology.It’s  nice word.
Die Amateur has many meanings.Anti-  making everything the province of professionals without denying expertise and high learning.
4.That’s enough,The Edit-her


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