Lace curtains

Did you know that if you wear spectacles you can buy net curtains for the lenses.I am unsure what the police  may think but it hides your eyes quite well and you can still see as long as you wash the nets weekly

Alternatively, you can buy hats with veils.Beware if you are a man…it could give the wrong message or the right one!If that’s no good but a black bin bag on your head with holes for your eyes,nose   and mouth and a sign on saying

I’m  just an introvert

Keep quiet

Alas, people might think you are wearing religious dress.Which religion makes you wear bin liners? I have no idea.You could say you are an unenclosed nun!

You must go out or you may get SAD.I caught it and I am in deep misery all day.Then I stay up all night cleaning the bathroom.It’s hard life being so full of good will and yet needing a human of my own.I will even marry a human if it’s legal……I’m just a pen here with an attached body.

Isn’t life fun when you are crazy?



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I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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