The first drawing class

Paralysed by dread, my hand was still
Afraid to make a mark on a blank page.
I thought to make it move by force of will

I measured with my finger joints, [new skill]
Then with my charcoal,l I became engaged
Tormented  by  sheer dread, my hand moved still

With charcoal, pencil, fountain pen or quill
Human  down the ages  have portrayed
I tried to make it move by my own will

My body sweated  like  a waterfall well full
My eyes gazed and my  mind became engaged
Touched by dread, my hand moved like a bull.

I’d measured, so I let it rush about unlulled
My eyes were  pleased with this dramatic page
I’m glad I made it move by choosing will

And so I am at one with every age
Promiscuous is  my love  but well arranged
Paralysed by dread, my hand was still
Until desire was stronger than my  will



About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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