Mistaken identity


Pink tree

Pink tree

I was  talking to this former colleague an’ she said t o me,
Of course I don’t come from a  well off middle-class background like you do
So I said, since when has lived as a  family of 7 in a miner’s cottage with a bath in the kitchen been middle class?
So she said, I just thought you went to a  very good shool.
I said, I went to the local Catholic school where nobody had ever done A level Maths and Further Maths before and of the  8 of us only 2 passed.
Then I realised for many years she saw me quite differently from  how I am
That made me think how much we invent other people in our Phantasy.Like an envious woman who saw me as skinny when I weighed 12 stone because I was almost emaciated when I first met her. I suppose we could even attack someone or indeed kill them all based on unreal notions in our head.Like Othello
That’s why I hate arguing until I know what basis we are starting from


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