I gave my raincoat to the BBC

I gave my raincoat to the BBC
I  knew I did not need it anymore.
You see, the BBC ‘s a Charity

I’m gasping for  cup of  hot sweet tea
As down the rain has bombed, all day it roared
I gave my dresses  to the BBC

I threw my maths books with hilarity
Into a recycling bin ,oh joy!
I thought  that was a  kind of Charity

If it rains I shan’t go out, you see.
I can do  what e’er I want for evermore
I gave my flimsies to the BBC

I ‘ve got 40 coats ; they all fit me
So why do I keep on buying  more and more
I’ll give my cash instead to Charity

I am a generous person in my core
I just look mean because I’m 94
I gave my stockings to the BBC
I  thought that was a genuine Charity



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