Customer reviews

Photo by me with Nokia 301
Dear Customer

Thank you for buying the haemorrhoid cream from us.We’d love to know what you thought of it.Please do a review on Amazon.
Errhh… No.I am studying Lacan in the bathroom

Dear Customer

Thanks for buying the gold wedding ring.If you like it we’d love to sell you another one with 5% off.

I’ve only just got married.

Dear Customer

Thank you for buying the incontinence pants.We hope you are enjoying your purchase and look forward to a good review.We’d really appreciate it

They were for my auntie ,not me.But Social Services pay for them now.Only 2 per week though.Tell Theresa May I hope she gets incontinent too.I object to paying tax and then subsidising old relatives who do not like to bother me.So they get dehydrated.Do you think people only pee on two days a week?Auntie has stopped going out

Dear Customer

Thank for buying the hiking boots.If you would n’t mind we’d love a good review

I’m up Great Gable.So far so good.I’ll  contact you when I get down

Sent from my  Nokia C 101.

I’d  appreciate some cash for PAYG


Why do you call me a fecking lunatic?


Because you are Irish? Tell me another

You’re an Orange Man? I’ll do the review now.Otherwise, the government might collapse.I don’t like them but we’ve had  trouble enough.Thank you somuch and please don’t shoot my neighbour or me.Crash!

And that is the end of my life for today


About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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