Its noise  is like ten demons

In my flat, I live unsociably
I  vacuum Kitty  say, one night in three
I know she has got fleas
From climbing willow trees
And 2 am seems quite alright to me

In my flat, I love the wooden floors
I run around in clogs till I am bored
The neighbour underneath
Has asked that I should cease.
So now I do it  more and more and more

On  my flat, I have a heavy door
To keep out burglars, mewing cats  and more
My neighbour down the stairs
Says I slam it  and he hears
I am wondering what I’ll do if I get bored.

I have got this new machine to wash
My denim jeans, my blouses, nighties posh
Its noise  is like  ten demons
I hear my neighbour’s screams
The police just came and beat about the bush.

Into my flat, they came with a machine
To see if I am  neurotically clean
They say to love the neighbour
Wash my clothes and caper
Before 11pm and  not be mean

And in the morning not to start
Till 7 am  in case my neighbour’s  heart
Rate wobbles and  he dies
My fault ,  so they sigh
For I have  quite upset all apple carts


About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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