Yesterday the sun  flew starred with gold


Photograph edited with Pixlr  online, Katherine

Yesterday the sun was fearsome gold
The sky of cerulean blue was   summer warm
Yet now I tremble in the dreaded cold

Where are those arms in which I  once was held;
Where the smile and where the loving balm?
Yesterday the sun was fierce with gold

Once, with  love I was made  kind yet bold
I rested on the strength within his arms
Yet now I tremble in the stealthy cold

My heart is crying. for  love now seems withheld.
No protection shields me from dread harm
Yesterday the sun was warm and gold

With his body I once wished to meld
I gave myself to hold him  then so warm
Yet now I tremble in the stealthy cold

Grief can cause both tears and wild alarm
Yet music or the song of birds  is balm
Yesterday the sun  flew starred with gold
Yet now I clothe myself to live  with cold


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I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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