Captivating by their quantum grace

Captivated by a furious grace
Her glaring eyes, her lips so red undrawn
She  brought us donuts, jam and  sugar spiced

In our life there is a Bohring race
Those who win,  all  need  our wanton charm
Captivating by their trapped cat’s grace

If you’re caught, enjoy  watching their face
Will hugging other folk cause deadly harm?
We like alluring men to Hilbert space

I cooked a chicken  yet forgot the mace
The cats all danced like neutrons unalarmed
Captivating by their quantum grace

Nutmeg is a spice and  is  light faced
After eating,   let waves have their qualms
We like admitting  them to Banach space

If ,in some deadly place, you feel withdrawn
Take heed and slide down tangents when it’s morn
Calculate,   then intimate this thrice
The world   thinks  I am now   both good and wise



About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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