Why do people get so angry about grammar?



“Why do we care about grammar to the extent that we do? Of course, it can be valuable in some contexts in order to guarantee clarity and bring a level of order and elegance into the language. But beyond those basic rules, why does it matter? What difference is there between “to write furiously” and “to furiously write”? People would understand the meaning regardless, even though the latter contains the dreaded split infinitive. Hundreds of years ago, individuals did not even know, much less care, about these minor conventions, but nowadays, people immediately pounce on the slightest grammar infraction, no matter how inconsequential. As Lynch astutely notes, however, there is no reason why proper grammar should be valued so highly, as phrases such as “colorless green ideas sleep furiously” are virtually nonsense but break no grammatical rules, while “I ain’t got nothing” is one of the most hated phrases in English, even though it is perfectly comprehensible and invokes a sense of personality and style that most other phrases remain unable to do.”


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