Don’t go to Gaza… holiday advice

photo1525It might be on the Mediterranean Sea but the  place is very over-crowded,   2 million  or more in one little country and although the  border has a fence the IDF might fire through the fence if they can’t  understand PRESS in English or if   if your T shirt says
I am a lunatic
I am an algebra-ist
I  am in crisis.
I  am anti-cement.
I  am high  on anti-psychotics
I had a retinal crisis
My mother was a porcupine
Philip Wrath
Portnoy was a saint
I love Trains
I am gender free.
I love Moses
God made Trump
The big stain.
Philip Roth is dead.
Bury the past
Start over
Love your neighbour
Cain or Abel?
Mea maxima culpa


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