I went out  tempted by  gold sun and flowers

I went out  tempted by  gold sun and flowers
On the anniversary of my loss
I looked at roses, tears fell  down in showers

I wandered round the market for long hours
No-one home to  worry or get cross
I went out   to admire  both sun and flowers

Then suddenly black clouds moved in and glowered
But in the flowering rose I was engrossed
I looked at it while tears fell  down as showers

I  am one with nature as she powers
The rain outside, the rain inside,dear God.
I went out looking for your favourite flowers

I am silent in the lonely wooden tower
Where Jesus gazed, where dwelt the first white dove
I fondly wish the home was once more ours

With my naked hand, I touch your glove
Remembering  all the days of  our sweet love
I went out  for  the sun and  soft white flowers
I looked at roses, tears fell ─overpowered.


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I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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