Should you go on holiday this year…….


Why not take a holiday in  the Vatican State especially if you are wanted by the police here or in Australia and you are a Cardinal.
How about going to Poland  and asking  what anti-Semitism ever did for them?
Don’t buy a raffle ticket in Saudi Arabia.Gambling is illegal.
Don’t go to Egypt with  your own Mummy
On the Golan Heights you  get a good view of Israel.Soon it will be in Israel
If you go to Gaza don’t strip unless forced to by the Border Guards.Smile and be friendly.It annoys some of them.
If you go to Jerusalem, wear long sleeves even if you are a nudist
In a Mosque, be decently dressed.If you remember what it means
Don’t bear or bare arms anywhere in the Middle East
That cheap 15 day trip to Damascus might end  early when the Bomb drops.We know who has one.
Don’t complain that the French don’t speak English.Complain if they do
If in the Holy Land,pray.
Pray anyway
Remember the flu in 1918 killed more people than two world wars .Is giving your enemies flu the best revenge?
I wish we were Muslims as the clothes Christians and atheists wear are so revealing it’s enough to make a man  or woman go mad with either rage or lust  or both.It’s embarrasing living here as only immigrants dress nicely [ and me![
I  reckon a stay at home holiday and a donation to the Red Cross might be the answer for me.




About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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