Homophones:sound alike but mean something different


I taut in a University.
Not English,I presume!!
No I taught and my nerves got taut.My spelling is often Rung.
By whom?
Wrong again!

He has a mote round his house? Surely a mistake.Moat is what you mean
Might be! Must be!

Doctor,I keep seeing moats floating round the room
Well,put up the drawbridge

Doctor, what are motes?
I said,keep notes.

I caught my death of cold whereas my wife was caught with her lover in a bus shelter making love on a plastic seat.
What a feat!
She has two feet.
One more and you can have a yard.
We’d be more stable with three feet
Then Jesus could be born again
Oh,dear.Not on a plastic seat,I hope
I’m beat.

How well taut were you?
I hear what you say.
I say!

I was caught in
a fishing net
Stealing fish?
No,I was sleeping in it till a fish bit me
Why was it in the net?
It had a sign saying:fish welcome here.
Can they read?
I don’t know.I’m illiterate myself.
I am asking about fish.~
Don’t ask me.I’m a man.

My mother caught measles and passed it on to me
Should that be them?
No, they didn’t get it
And neither do you.

He returned to the shore after he caught a spy swimming into Britain
Can’t they even afford boats now?
If you are posh, bought rhymes with coat and haute

Maybe I went the wrong way about being psychoanalysed.I read a book.
I read peoples faces
What a metaphor
What a cymbal!
Signs are symbols to some.
Symbols are nothing to many


About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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