euripides1-2xYou can’t mention the nigger in the wood pile any more.Mainly because nobody would know what you meant.And if they did it might remind them of Grenfell Tower.I heard people say,well they are not British.Like me.I’m 98.654 Irish and 2 % alcohol.Add that up!

What order does your brother belong to, is it the Jesuits?
Whicj order would you like to have delivered first?
The order of numbers is simple.Begin with one.One what?
In what order shall we sort the orphaned children detained at the border?
Did Trump give the order? Did Hitler order the genocide of the Jews?

I parked my car by the Park Gate.There was no actual car park.
Park yourself by the fire and I’ll give you some tea.

Have you seen my pole?
No, but there’s a Polish shop by the bus stop.They are Poles
I need one for vaulting, like they do in the Olympics
My mother had a pole to hold up the washing line.
How awful to make an immigrant do that
No, it was made of wood!
Still, it could be worse.They could be plucking chickens
I prefer to pluck a guitar.
Where’s my pole gone?

My bed is square
No, it’s a rectangle
I mean it’s out of date.
What do you want?
A bed with drawers
Get an artist in
I sleep by myself but thanks anyway.
Do you sleep with anyone?
Not just anyone!


About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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