Well, how could you come out otherwise?

photo of man lifting woman using his feet

Photo by theformfitness on Pexels.com

Grate Britain now!
Is this still a United Kingdom after Brex-hit?
She played the liar beautifully
Who is the lead tonight?
Where is the lead for my pencil?
Why do corpses get laid out but women get laid?
New Biting Kingdom
We need Grit,Britain .Hearken to my words
Community is wealth
My husband wants a lead.
He asked for the butter cup but I only had a dish.
I lost the tea plot.

If  you must lie,lie here. Not in church.
I never go to  church.
That’s all I need, another lie.I saw you come out
Does that prove I’d been in?
Well, how could you come out otherwise?
I am Other wise anyway.
Play with a surd and your soul  will be healed.I find that.
Do you mean defined that?
But what is it?
There’s nothing here
This is exactly what Wittgenstein meant
Bewitched by language
Ruined by grammar
Led to believe in a real thing  when all we have is the subject of a verb.
And the object?
It was not deliberate.
I can see that.
Here we go again.
Halt in the gnome of truth
Who he?
We all agree



About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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