Bear or bare?

child baby newborn arms

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I don’t know how you can bare it.
In childbirth there’s not much choice
Well.I didn’t know how women got pregnant
Well. you  ken the noo  [know now]
I’ll never do it again
What, we  are just having our first child
” And the first shall be last”


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How do you bear this pain?
I have no choice.
Pull yourself together
I say, that’s  a platitude
Stop showing off, just because you went to Cambridge
I only went on a day trip
So why have you got an  M A?
It was what we call self awarded

zoo bear

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What is  the bear doing?
Looks hungry to me.
Shall we run  or pretend to be dead?
I’ll run and you pretend to be dead and then we can get  proof one way or the other
If it’s a fast eater we won’t be here to  tell!
Are you Father Bear?
How can you tell?
You look so kind.Just go and get that lady who’s running away
I  never run after women
How about men?
That’s all that’s left
Actually I am gender free.
Are you kosher?
No and I’m full of gluten
I’m not Jewish, you know
No,God  doesn’t expect animals to listen to Moses.
Still, I am hungry
Just grin and bear it.
Wow,a pun!

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I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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