The immaculate perception!

white and black bird

Photo by Reynaldo Brigantty on

She stared at me and knitted her wits
Am I an idiolect, she asked?
Wit is something nits don’t bother about
Can you prove it?
I can prove pi is not rational
That is irreverent
We’re not ex  or in Cathedra
Her wits wilted visibly
You ought to stop knitting your brows
But do I have free will?
Nothing is free now.
How about zero?
That’s a concept?
Is it first a percept?
The immaculate perception!
That’s what we need,real, indepth perception otherwise conception is an utter folly
I think I agree
I agree you think
But do you?
I must or I would not answer
But do you feel real only because of your mind?
I never thought about that before.I feel real because I am with you or other friends
Yet we must take them in and let them live inside us
Do they give us indigestion?
Maybe diarrhea?
Can we bear to hold them gently?
It depends who they are!
Well, the best idea is to do everything very slowly. Then you  don’t choke.
Can they only get in through our mouth?
These are metaphors
I guessed!


About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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