Voice to typing ,Google Docs

31124089_1114868625319681_592910472752136192_nHave you ever used voice to typing and seen what a terrible mess you can produce with this tool well I am using it because I have got pain in my hands  and shoulders so I thought it would be a good idea

I don’t think writing poetry like this is sensible but it might be alright for writing a story. alternative lyric alternatively you can buy some software which may very well be better than this but since I use a Chromebook I cannot download any software onto it iIf anybody else has used these kind of tools I would be very pleased to hear from them about their experience and what they’re considered to be the best tool. thank you so much if you can help me

it is very hot and very humid today so it took me an hour to get home from the Chinese clinic where I am having treatment I thought I would never reach my house from the other end of the street and I was in a lot of pain but now the pain is easing off and I have drank a lot of lemon barley water and I feel better but I will go to bed soon I think

I wish that I still had a cat because I had one for 6 months after my husband perished or died or disappear and it was a great comfort to me until the owner decided to send it to live in Welwyn Garden City, can you believe it?

At least it was not run over buy a car which is my first fear which I missed it very much I called it Alfred Alfred used to sleep outside my bedroom door where are the hot water pipe going from the tank to the bathroom and so is AYA got up in the middle of the night I would see him full stop he was very clean and very loving no if there was a man with a similar nature and who could pay his way then I suppose I could adopt a man instead of a cat full stop come to that I could have dropped a woman if  I adopted a man and a woman they could be my parents and .. could look after me and make my dinner   and my bed
I am very lazy by Nature and the fact that I have written 5000 posts on my blog is an indication of this because I have been doing it for 9 years so that is less than 600 here or less than 50 a month or 12 and a half a week that’s nearly two a day
I should have written twice as much but possibly the readers would not be happy but then that there is no compulsion to read my poems because I do not wish to cause suffering to the human race and I hope that my poems will not make you unhappy and indeed there may amuse you or enlighten you they’re certainly amuse me but Donald Trump would not like them for sure
Well I think I will stop now before you all get terribly bored I hope you all sleep well if it’s night where you are and if you have just got up I hope you have a lovely day in front of you and that you will be helped by tiny people wherever you may wander or that your work will not be too arduous or boring so goodnight my children this is your blogger Katherine 

Good Night


About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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