The News

dsc00069-1-1The entire population of the UK is moving to Uganda.
Great Britain is being turned into a Nature Trail.
Westminster Bridge is being moved to  the Niagara Falls
Or is it Nicaragua?
St Paul’s Cathedral is going to Damascus
St Paul was a romantic poet who burned with no flame
The Queen is having a baby.Next week
The Vatican is being moved to Nairobi
Mystics are wanted .We will arrest you soon
London Buses are still read.
King’s Cross is Henry V111th
Enfield Wash in the River Lea.
Epping Forest is being moved to the Sahara.
Elsynge Palace will be rebuilt in the Gaza Strip where they tear gas!
Theresa May has entered a nunnery.
A new public convenience is being built in Scotland Yard.Can we hang on?
If you want Marks and Spencer it is in Transylvania
I am building  a border with barbed wire in my garden so I will know how to cross it



About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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