The  grieving long ,through woodland wild, to roam

The  walls collapsing inwards as I ran
Making chaos of the once loved home
I feared to look  or write with my dear pen

By two created, now remains just one
And as I sat I heard my own voice moan
My  walls collapsing inwards, I was done

Yet now the  fighting and the sorting won
I’m feeling joyful as I labour on
I feared to look,  or write with my dear pen

From all  the suffering ,mourning , the mayhem
The  grieving long through woodland wild to roam
Not to see  that Jericho has come

Who shall grieve the least, the lion, the lamb?
Is there competition in our groans?
The   walls are   cracking    like  old window panes

Human hearts feel like cold wet limestone
When we weep they soften like old bones
I felt the walls collapsing inwards  killing men
I dared to look ,I saw my  love  was gone


About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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