what's new pussycat.jpg
cat gazing at flying objects

Cat gazing by Katherine 2012

What is the binomial theorem?
Would you mind speaking English, Miss?

What is an isosceles triangle?
I will not even go there. Are you crazy?

What is Aleph null?
Do you mean who is aleph null? Sounds like an immigrant from Israel
 without money.Except we don't get any.
But Israel is not in  financial trouble, why would they want come here when we are in a mess?
They want to know how the other 99.9% live
Sounds like God to me.
Sounds like God, looks like God.Is God.
Is that a proof?
Ask God

What  or who is Aleph null ?
The brother of Aleph One!

What is Aleph?
Do not you know, sir? It is Hebrew.
And Epsilon also for you
This is Greek.
This shows that we are all one
But which one?
Aleph, of course,
Do you mean Ralph? Beowolf?
Gamma of it.
Ooh, what a classy accent.
No more personal comments, thanks.
It does not bother me
Well, you do not mind the worry but I do.

About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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