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Why is modern poetry so bad?   “Our poets today are too timid to say, “‘we,’ to go plural and try to strike a major note . . .  on any fundamental truth of human experience.” Unimpressed by or unaware of any poets who … Continue reading

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Make use of effects that occur by accident

I do have a camera but often I use my phone.Now it seems the lens is damaged.It gives a blurred effect.I found it quite interesting that I could make some  images quite different from the usual ones.I already put one … Continue reading

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For someone non-existent, God has power

For someone non-existent  God has power To wreck the world he learns from every  hour. He is not here or there or where at all And yet we do have evidence of Fall. Why  must men be angry as they … Continue reading

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The consolation of philosophy by W S Merwin BY W. S. MERWIN Thank you but not just at the moment I know you will say I have said that before I know you have been there all along somewhere in another time zone I studied once … Continue reading

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How even the best writers are affected by bad reviews

I very much like the writer Kenneth Gergen and especially his book, ” The saturated society”” I think it’s  beautifully written and explains the bad side of post modernism but also how differently it could be used.He got … Continue reading

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That’s why I said three.

I remember that wool coat she wore even in summer; Blue with ridges of black running horizontally. We walked  along the  bright beach at Rhyl It was Sunday morning;I has a new missal I think I lost it with its … Continue reading

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