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Stan and Mary see a naked woman

After dinner Mary and Stan  often went for a longish walk.They liked to go to a road where the richer people  of Britain lived.,where there were some Georgian houses and one Tudor house. At dusk they would stroll by looking … Continue reading

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Sylvia Plath: between poetry and painting   “Defining Plath While Plath is traditionally categorized as a confessional poet, critics like Howe and Davison fail to recognize the ekphrastic quality of many of Plath’s poems. As defined by the Oxford English Dictionary, ekphrasis is “a literary … Continue reading

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Why I write by Reginald Shepherd “What we take out of life is the luminous moment, which can be a bare branch against a morning sky so overcast it’s in white face, seen through a window that warps the view because the glass has begun … Continue reading

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“Inside the mind of poetry”   “The greatest lines in poetry are infinitely quotable while having no definite meaning. What is a mind of winter, and why must one have one? It doesn’t matter. Wallace Stevens’ greatness lay in his ability to produce these … Continue reading

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A fever and intensity of will

After many hours of patient  thought An image  of bright power  came to my mind Enabled by  techniques  my study bought Without such language, anyone is blind. A fever and intensity  of will Made my brain catch fire and flash, ignite. … Continue reading

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Why is modern poetry so bad?   “Our poets today are too timid to say, “‘we,’ to go plural and try to strike a major note . . .  on any fundamental truth of human experience.” Unimpressed by or unaware of any poets who … Continue reading

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Make use of effects that occur by accident

I do have a camera but often I use my phone.Now it seems the lens is damaged.It gives a blurred effect.I found it quite interesting that I could make some  images quite different from the usual ones.I already put one … Continue reading

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For someone non-existent, God has power

For someone non-existent  God has power To wreck the world he learns from every  hour. He is not here or there or where at all And yet we do have evidence of Fall. Why  must men be angry as they … Continue reading

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The consolation of philosophy by W S Merwin BY W. S. MERWIN Thank you but not just at the moment I know you will say I have said that before I know you have been there all along somewhere in another time zone I studied once … Continue reading

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How even the best writers are affected by bad reviews

I very much like the writer Kenneth Gergen and especially his book, ” The saturated society”” I think it’s  beautifully written and explains the bad side of post modernism but also how differently it could be used.He got … Continue reading

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