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Against Cartesianism   “Conway’s Criticisms of Cartesian Dualism. Conway presents a total of six arguments for what she calls the convertibility of matter and spirit. By this she means that matter and spirit are not totally different substances but are able … Continue reading

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In the end, the truth is where love lies.

With foresight, we may see  where  problems lurk And  root them out before they start to grow Yet often life’s mysteriously dark And what we reap is what another sowed. In hindsight,  this seems obvious and plain. But some can … Continue reading

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“Inside the mind of poetry”   “The greatest lines in poetry are infinitely quotable while having no definite meaning. What is a mind of winter, and why must one have one? It doesn’t matter. Wallace Stevens’ greatness lay in his ability to produce these … Continue reading

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A fever and intensity of will

After many hours of patient  thought An image  of bright power  came to my mind Enabled by  techniques  my study bought Without such language, anyone is blind. A fever and intensity  of will Made my brain catch fire and flash, ignite. … Continue reading

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What is disrationalia?   Rational and Irrational Thought: The Thinking That IQ Tests Miss Why smart people sometimes do dumb things By Keith E. Stanovich on January 1, 2015 Credit: ISTOCKPHOTO IN BRIEF Who are You Calling “Smart”? Traditional IQ tests miss some of … Continue reading

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Hannah Arendt   The Jewish Writings is a collection of Arendt’s articles and essays written between 1932 and 1966. For this reviewer, they come as a revelation. I had never understood, exactly, the mental road Arendt traveled to get to … Continue reading

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Why is modern poetry so bad?   “Our poets today are too timid to say, “‘we,’ to go plural and try to strike a major note . . .  on any fundamental truth of human experience.” Unimpressed by or unaware of any poets who … Continue reading

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G-d himself was shattered, without skin

And did you see the sparks of light within The hidden wood where watches the bright dove The darkness which to human soul’s akin God himself was shattered, without skin Each part a  broken light of what was love But … Continue reading

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Donald Winnicott and Harold Pinter

  “In a remembrance of the writer Harold Pinter that appeared in the Los Angeles Times (and posted on Slow Painting), Charles McNulty included a memorable quote by D. W. Winnicott: But for all his vehemence and posturing, Pinter was … Continue reading

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Why is free verse so popular?   “Free verse is a form of nonmetrical writing that takes pleasure in a various and emergent verbal music. “As regarding rhythm,” Ezra Pound writes in “A Retrospect” (1918): “to compose in the sequence of the musical phrase, … Continue reading

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