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Criticise with love   There are two types of people we classify as haters. One is a critic who comes from a place of love, another is legitimate hater — one coming from a place of fear or envy. To be criticised … Continue reading

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When poets don’t read poetry Extract: How a Lack of Reading Shows in Your Work There’s no rule that says every person who writes poetry must read poetry. Plenty of poets write for the sole purpose of personal expression. Poetry writing can be … Continue reading

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What does poetry do for us?

The novelist Richard Ford differed from the poets in his take: “The question ‘Why poetry?’ isn’t asking what makes poetry unique among art forms; poetry may indeed share its origins with other forms of privileged utterance. A somewhat more interesting … Continue reading

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It figures   It figures. It makes sense.; It confirms what one might have guessed.; I’m not surprised. Bob: Tom was the one who broke the window. Bill: It figures. He’s very careless. Ann: Mary was the last one to … Continue reading

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Start writing poetry “Reading and writing poetry also has healing and transformative powers. As a matter of fact, many therapists augment their treatments by encouraging their clients to write poetry to express their feelings. This is one way to foster hidden creativity … Continue reading

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Semiotics:a sign has two parts   A sign consists of the  signified and the signifier.If what is signified is love,the signifier may vary … it can be a  “x “.a bunch of flowers, a poem.Of course it may be misunderstood if two people come … Continue reading

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What is free verse?

  Free Verse Example #4 First the air is blue and then it is bluer and then green and then black I am blacking out and yet my mask is powerful it pumps my blood with power the sea is … Continue reading

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