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The lifeboat

We are in this boat together Sailing across the bay. Some have an easy voyage, The wind is blowing their way I wish I could always be sailing Across an ocean with you And never reach the other side though … Continue reading

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It’s not quite infidelity

My husband had never looked less livid As he died down in old A and E. His colour was vivid His hair was  all withered He cried,Where the hell do  I be?   I said,you’re in bed with a lady … Continue reading

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Let’s celebrate with kisses sweet.

  Words float like water in a stream, Reflected gently by sunbeams. This stream flows swiftly to my heart Through these words your love is caught. The space inside my heart is clear, Your love will find  a good home … Continue reading

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Jennifer Warnes

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God’s sacred smile   We dwelled inside a sphere of holy love Which we and angels shared for just a while Where our below is linked to  heaven above To  cradle us inside God’s sacred smile. This state of grace … Continue reading

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A new thought about villanelles

The article I posted this morning points out that because of the repition o two of the lines a villanelle is especially suited to write about something that is bothering us a great deall.Dylan Thomas wrote “Do not go gentle … Continue reading

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