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Consummated with a kiss.

Sacred the  love the rose dwells in; Thorns protect what lies within. Precious flower designed for bliss Consummated with a kiss. Eternity is one moment When chattering minds are each silent. The warp and weft of life  itself Has value … Continue reading

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Emotions overwhelmed before we’d words.

Unable to recount by spoken word What speechless  infancy endured in fear, Through the body pain and hurt are shared. In the doctor’s office, body bared The blood test and the scan are both quite clear Unable to express this pain … Continue reading

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In the sea of grief, we swim not drown

The grieving man who never looks outside Suffers like a prisoner in a cell Yet he has some freedom to decide To grieve yet view  our holy world as well. To turn the eyes back to the lost and dead. … Continue reading

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God’s sacred smile   We dwelled inside a sphere of holy love Which we and angels shared for just a while Where our below is linked to  heaven above To  cradle us inside God’s sacred smile. This state of grace … Continue reading

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I’m the little Jew who wrote the Bible

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