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Stan wants a chamber pot for Xmas

Cats by Katherine Stan was recovering from his long feverish cold and cough.He had Emile standing on his desk under the window cleaning it with a microfibre cloth fastened to his right front paw Very good,Emile,he said in a husky … Continue reading

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The affect of his choice.

How can it be he is no longer here? How can it be I do not hear that voice His presence haunts me  from his  battered chair Though I  have  money and no needs to bare I  feel the grief, the … Continue reading

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This is not it

Impossible to move on because Between any two numbers There are infinitely many other numbers. Time does not consist of equal increments I saw the car fast moving towards me And time slowed down, it was ten minutes Before it … Continue reading

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To love well  is an art we can enact

To love well is an art and is an act Yet we must bear in mind this valued truth We need a little space in love for hate We also will not leave outside our tact Indeed, of love,  that … Continue reading

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The reading of a fundamental scoop?

The heart in grief feels like an abscessed tooth Too pained to sleep or chatter with the group We fear a dark acquaintance with the truth What savage way shall be our burdened proof; The reading of a fundamental scoop? … Continue reading

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G-d himself was shattered, without skin

And did you see the sparks of light within The hidden wood where watches the bright dove The darkness which to human soul’s akin God himself was shattered, without skin Each part a  broken light of what was love But … Continue reading

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Into this green dream, its world is hauled

From being a cliche, lawn, flowers, boring shrubs My years of sickness grew the garden wild Now a meld of birdsong, wind, and wood I yearn to enter, yes, I am beguiled. Like an island in the suburb’s sprawl The penetrating … Continue reading

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Pieces of my mind

My concentration now exists in many parts. It’s like  piece of glass dropped on the ground The mobile phone and laptop make eyes dart I  long to keep my soul and body calm Yet pieces of my mind I’ve never  found … Continue reading

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We tolerate what once we could not bear

The pain of loss grows gentler by the year Less jagged and destructive to the heart We  tolerate what once we could not bear We soothe ourselves by satisfying care We let the dear one’s image separate. The pain of … Continue reading

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