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Howl with discretion

She gave him a bowl of discretion and some milk of inhuman kindness I have the art and he has the craft but do we have the rhyme? Shalll we abandon  lips? Kissing is not to be scorned So it’s … Continue reading

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It’s not quite infidelity

My husband had never looked less livid As he died down in old A and E. His colour was vivid His hair was  all withered He cried,Where the hell do  I be?   I said,you’re in bed with a lady … Continue reading

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Now the sun has set, the sky is mauve

The sun looked angry when the dawn was due; Its red more fiery,deepening scarlet hue. The birds were singing though my heart loved Hugh. All in all, I don’t know what to do. The clouds betrayed the sun by turning … Continue reading

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Fish dancing with the daffodils

Posted on I flindered lobely as a  blouse That sleats on high o’er biles and phrills, When at a seance I saw a fowl The ghost, of hilden waffotills; Depide the blike, Coneath the blees, Pluttering and strancing in the  frieze Conpentred … Continue reading

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Happy New Leer Hippy New Flair Happy, Loo near! Aptly New Here. Hoppy knew Fear Happy New Beer Happy with Lear? Snappy New Year Cherry Xmas Very Xmas to view. Make the post of it. Hope to flee you soon. … Continue reading

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