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Even very gifted artists and writers suffer from fear of reviews

 I very much like the  psychologist/writer Kenneth Gergen and especially his book ,” The saturated society” which helped me to understand what post modernism is” I think it’s  beautifully written and explains the bad side of post modernism … Continue reading

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Sylvia Plath: between poetry and painting   “Defining Plath While Plath is traditionally categorized as a confessional poet, critics like Howe and Davison fail to recognize the ekphrastic quality of many of Plath’s poems. As defined by the Oxford English Dictionary, ekphrasis is “a literary … Continue reading

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“Inside the mind of poetry”   “The greatest lines in poetry are infinitely quotable while having no definite meaning. What is a mind of winter, and why must one have one? It doesn’t matter. Wallace Stevens’ greatness lay in his ability to produce these … Continue reading

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Why is modern poetry so bad?   “Our poets today are too timid to say, “‘we,’ to go plural and try to strike a major note . . .  on any fundamental truth of human experience.” Unimpressed by or unaware of any poets who … Continue reading

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“Abyssal is a relatively rare word”

WORD OF THE DAY February 3, 2017   abyssal  adjective | uh-BISS-ul Definition 1 : of or relating to the bottom waters of the ocean depths 2 : impossible to comprehend : unfathomable Scroll down for more about abyssal       PLAY NOW … Continue reading

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What to write about-poetry

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What is acrimony?

  Show less Feedback Acrimony | Define Acrimony at noun. 1. sharpness, harshness, or bitterness of nature, speech, disposition, etc.: The speaker attacked him with great acrimony. acrimony – definition of acrimony in English | Oxford Dictionaries reading

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How to write bad poetry or not! “Mismatched motifs. The form clashes with the topic, the rhythm jangles against the theme, the metaphors are wildly inappropriate, etc. Misused techniques. Poorly chosen allusions, mixed metaphors, overused similes, awkward alliteration — these are examples of valid … Continue reading

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Poetry for beginners

A word here about liking a poem. This should of course be our primary objective and motive. But to like is a function of the critical intelligence, as this passage by W. H. Auden makes clear: As readers, we remain in … Continue reading

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Happy New Leer Hippy New Flair Happy, Loo near! Aptly New Here. Hoppy knew Fear Happy New Beer Happy with Lear? Snappy New Year Cherry Xmas Very Xmas to view. Make the post of it. Hope to flee you soon. … Continue reading

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