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Certain of succcess, a daemon proud

I saw the spirit slip into the hall Behind a nasty woman,blonde and loud Black  its look , it danced through our front door It was the  time foreseen and yet I ached As I laboured under  heavy clouds I … Continue reading

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Take me to the heather moors

Oh,mother make my supper I’m coming home to die I have no fried or lover And God won’t tell me why Oh, make me apple dumpling And boil it on the fire I don’t know why I’m crumpling I never … Continue reading

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The sun,  a stranger,sidles through the door

After deeps of darkness light returns The sun,  a stranger,sidles through the door As welcome as a payment hard to earn The solstice comes, surprised,  green  nature  turns We feel it in our hearts, in their deep core After deeps … Continue reading

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Oiling the agenda  and the wheels

Fidgeting is exercise of sorts Shouting words  that are considered coarse Sex is better  standing on your head Gravity is  better than your bed. Skipping classes, running out of milk Jumping in alarm, or clicking links Walking out on lovers … Continue reading

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Reason cannot teach us how to dance

What time is it, the old man said to me. Time for  conversation with no fee We have to pay the therapist to hear Why we feel we need to live in fear Friends are better as they know our … Continue reading

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Living fire

Alone in  my small room ,end-state despair I wondered what to do ,go here or where? I tried the doctor and the priest  and then Knew there was no answer from   a man I saw in my mind’s eye a  … Continue reading

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Silver birch

The crisis of the West is here and strong God is dead ;we do  our many wrongs We worship kitchens made from silver birch, Like trees beside the camp of Auschwitz cursed To whom does guilt or even blame belong? … Continue reading

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In times of loss

In times of loss, we each  grieve  in our way Weeping,mourning ,sad  throughout the day Yet we still see the sun upon the rose And see wild winds as through  tall trees they  blow In times of loss The neighbours … Continue reading

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Argument is pointless, love is key

Compare the BBQ on the hill to Nero fiddling while Rome burned The burning road with  buses overfull Old and poor folk crammed ,Calcutta like- The burning road objects ,its tarmac boils Swallows a man’s leg,this is no fake. With … Continue reading

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On the last train,Warsaw to Moscow,change Niegoreloje.1939

Elena,a baby wrapped in woollen clothes. On the last train,Warsaw to Moscow, [ change Niegoreloje.] 1939.Father,mother,brother You passed through the Arctic Wastes of life. Still as if travelling on a train To an impossibly far destination. As you left, the … Continue reading

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