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Hannah Arendt   The Jewish Writings is a collection of Arendt’s articles and essays written between 1932 and 1966. For this reviewer, they come as a revelation. I had never understood, exactly, the mental road Arendt traveled to get to … Continue reading

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It might confuse the cat in bed.

  Pray, Father,I give you my blessing That’s the wrong way round.Never mind,Tell me your original sins. We don’t have to confess those surely.We are born like that. I mean I am fed up with boring sins like theft and … Continue reading

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He has no self at all, if all’s his wish.

No mirror for reflection in his mind He says whatever suits  that moment’s wish Thus he is to truth  disabled,  blind Pride and power  make human beings  unkind. But  reflecting   can  point to what’s amiss. There’s no mirror for … Continue reading

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A card to be their presidential meme.

Sometimes I am glad that you are gone You would be startled to perceive  the strange new scene That a nation educated  could choose one A card to be their presidential meme. Leonard Cohen hung on his frail thread But … Continue reading

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Where nude police with guns strut stiffly by.

  He says we’re going to bed this afternoon As melancholy  clouds  droop from the sky I like the sun to  fry, to heat my womb I like the flowers each with its  dull dead blooms On burning   grass … Continue reading

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It is myself to whom I speak in sonnet form

Trapped in  cultivated  ways ,we may  forget That usefulness can also be a trap. Am I the one who never makes a bet? Am I  the one who always has the map?   We are no automata, we are flesh. And … Continue reading

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