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I shall not hate


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The word laundry

The “word laundry” is very busy now: The “non involved,” the children “used as shields” Creating euphemisms and bloody how! Certain words we cannot yet allow Tampax,blood and women who, paid,  yield The word laundry is very busy now With … Continue reading

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There is a space or void where love was sent

Between the world and how we represent The nameless by a name and even place There is a space or void in our intent. What mother saw, what father really meant How love and hate might intertwine in space. In … Continue reading

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Surrender to the otherness of all

Tact and subtle actions  create life Assertive force destroys  another’s soul To the High and  Holy One, we’re wife. The way we go seems but a throw of dice Yet destiny will beckon, though we crawl Tact and subtle actions … Continue reading

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Math lover

My love was so elliptical it passed Before the first one realised and grasped But now I prefer the straight lines to connect Or perhaps an obtuse angle I’ll bisect In truth, I  married mental furniture His mind was  parabolic … Continue reading

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Or is it to manipulate she’s here?

The widow makes complaints, as if I’m God Again she says she loved her husband  dear I would love to help her if I could There are a few alternatives to plot Accept, endure, there is no answer clear The widow … Continue reading

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Releasing secrets is a kind of rape

Now the high ups fight  about some tapes Princess Di spoke of her rage and grief Releasing secrets is akin to rape If we had no Brexit and some  hope The government would not be such a thief Wasting time … Continue reading

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A deep ambivalence about being in touch

There is a strange confusion about the desirability and the danger of human communication.We have a landline and  1 or 2 mobile phone yet we often set them so that only certain people can phone us.I did that until a gas … Continue reading

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Contemplated  simply with the eye

The mundane is the main part of our life We do not note the wonder of each day And waste it when we  cause unneeded  strife For then we  in the dens of envy writhe We could have peaceful hearts … Continue reading

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