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The sun flew

Yesterday the sun was fearsome gold The sky of cerulean blue was   summer warm Yet now I tremble in the dreaded cold Where are those arms in which I  once was held; Where the smile and where the loving … Continue reading

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No remedy exists for hidden grief

No remedy exists for hidden grief A blank face and a voice that does not speak Expression  is the route to our relief The caterpillar gnaws the new green leaf And actions are the place where meaning leaks No remedy … Continue reading

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Psychologising problems led to the current political situation   Quote:An example? Encounter groups . These meetings were an attempt to help individuals work together to tackle internalised oppression. However this kind of collective work soon became co-opted by ideas such as self-actualisation. The inner world was to … Continue reading

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Is empathy a good thing?   “The main problem with empathy is that it works like a spotlight, highlighting certain people in the here and now, making their suffering salient to you. This can sometimes be a good thing. Indeed, one of … Continue reading

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He has no self at all, if all’s his wish.

No mirror for reflection in his mind He says whatever suits  that moment’s wish Thus he is to truth  disabled,  blind Pride and power  make human beings  unkind. But  reflecting   can  point to what’s amiss. There’s no mirror for … Continue reading

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