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The sun flew

Yesterday the sun was fearsome gold The sky of cerulean blue was   summer warm Yet now I tremble in the dreaded cold Where are those arms in which I  once was held; Where the smile and where the loving … Continue reading

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A word that’s spoken by a friend can reach

A word  that’s spoken by a friend can  reach Can touch, can move, can  embrace in its sounds The inner soul where its vibrations teach. When cut off, silent,after   sad defeat Such gentle words can break our sullen bonds … Continue reading

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Nor how to count infinity by hand.

Uncanny is a space which I avoid I do not wish to meet with spirits vile. Though with some men,it is true that I have toyed. I dropped them all and sane was I the while. Yet when I met … Continue reading

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God’s sacred smile   We dwelled inside a sphere of holy love Which we and angels shared for just a while Where our below is linked to  heaven above To  cradle us inside God’s sacred smile. This state of grace … Continue reading

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I have lost the internet while out shopping.Where will it be now?

  Please tell me how to download a new microphone onto my laptop. Can you download me a little light to clip to my laptop as well? I have changed my Kindle  Fire to Hebrew.How can I change it back … Continue reading

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The expression of the sensed conveys delight.

There’s nothing on this page until I write A word and then another word  and more: The sentences that bring me my delight No sense is quite as needed as our sight Moral blindness is by most deplored. There’s infinity upon … Continue reading

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